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Kerr Street Cafe in Oakville combines a fresh variety of lovely food with smooth traditional  espresso coffee.

The flow of the Cafe starts with our cabinets full of fresh healthy delicacies that are prepared at Kerr Street Cafe. All of this food can be enjoyed in house or packed to take out if you’re on the run. We also have all day menu items that are aimed at both breakfast and lunch with a few kid friendly items also.

Come enjoy your village cafe and take in the tastes of Kerr Street the way you like it.

Prepared Meals on Twitter: Follow us for prepared meal updates by clicking on the birdie so you know when to swoop in to pick up your Chicken Pot Pies and other tasty meals. Also join our facebook group and stay in the know with all of the other friends of the Kerr Street Cafe by clicking on the f below.